What is the Virtual Decorator?

Since 1996, hundreds of thousands of Internet users have used and experienced the Virtual Decorator to better plan their choice of paint colors to create a personalized and atmosphere of decoration.

Over the years, multiple versions of the interactive Virtual Decorator application were designed for different paint manufacturers and retailers in both North America and Europe.

The Virtual Decorator’s new version is innovative because it is an application that is available online. This version is developed with processes at the forefront of new technologies and requires no download or installation on the user's workstation.

The mission of the Virtual Decorator is to help all consumers who wish to pursue a decorating project by providing a powerful tool that will allow them to combine and overlay different combinations of paint colors of their favorite brand and their own outdoor and indoor photos of surfaces to paint.

This interactive new generation tool is open to all "fans" of home decoration that will appreciate its ease of use and will be delighted with the high quality of visual renderings they will get. The experience will be enhanced and everyone will want to share their results and satisfaction on their favorite social networks.

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